How to Subscribe

Here are two things I believe strongly:

1. There is a podcast for everyone. Most hobbies or interests you hold — there’s most likely a podcast that has people talking passionately about that very thing. Finding a podcast that you love is very satisfying, and subscribing to the podcast is the best and easiest way to keep up with each episode that’s released.

2. Listening to an interesting podcast while doing a boring task makes life better. Get headphones, wireless if possible, and folding laundry will never be the same.

If You Know What You’re Doing

If you are on this page looking for links to subscribe to DSM 411, these will take you to the podcast page in your favorite player:
Listen in Apple Podcasts
Listen from Google Play Music
Open in Spotify
Listen on Stitcher

If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

If you or someone you know doesn’t know how to subscribe to DSM 411 (or any podcasts for that matter), then you are in the right place.

Good to know: podcasts can be played on almost any internet-enabled device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. You can access podcasts episodes through their web pages (like this one), but using a podcast player on your device will make listening much easier.

Which podcast player will you use?

I’m going to break down how to subscribe to podcasts in four different players.

Apple Podcasts: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod
Google Play Music: Android
Spotify: Any device
Any device

Apple Podcasts

If you are reading this from your Apple device, you most likely already have the Apple Podcasts app. It’s purple and looks like this:

If you don’t have the app, go to your App Store, search for ‘Apple Podcasts’, and download the app for free.

When the app is open, click on the ‘Search’ icon in the bottom right corner, search for ‘DSM 411’ in the search bar at the top, and click on the blue show tile.

Last, but not least, click on the purple ‘Subscribe’ button on the show page.

Once you have subscribed to a podcast, new episodes will automatically download to your Podcast player. You can access all of the new episodes of the podcasts you’ve subscribed to in your ‘Listen Now’ section, which you’ll find in the lower left of the screen.

Once you’ve listened to an episode, the app will automatically delete it from your device.

Google Play Music

Download and/or open the Google Play Music app, which looks like this:

Here are instructions directly from Google (I will try to improve these in the future):

  1. Search for the podcast you would like to hear.
  2. In the search results, find Podcasts.
  3. Select the podcast to open a details page.
  4. Select the episode you’d like to hear to begin playing.

To Subscribe:
You can subscribe to a podcast to auto-download new episodes or get notified when they are available. To subscribe to a podcast:

  1. Select a podcast you would like to subscribe to. 
  2. On the details page, select the Subscribe plus sign icon.
  3. Select your desired subscription settings. 


Download and/or open your Spotify app, which looks like this:

Click on the ‘Search’ icon along the bottom of the app. Up in the search bar, type in ‘DSM 411’, and then click on the blue show tile.

Last but not least, click on the ‘Follow’ button. Click on the ‘Play’ button to listen to the latest episode.

Once you’re following, you can access all of your podcasts by clicking on ‘Your Library’ in the lower right, and then clicking on ‘Podcasts’.


Download and/or open your Stitcher app, which looks like this:

Click on the ‘Search’ icon in the bottom right, then enter ‘DSM 411’ into the search bar at the top.

Click on the plus sign next to the DSM 411 show tile to add the show to your playlist.

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